Titanenheim Rottweilers


Titanenheim Rottweilers is family owned and operated. We are a small kennel that is located in the Pacific North/West just 30 minuets south of Olympia, WA an 1 hour north or Portland, OR. We are a Breeder that is dedicated to the Rottweiler breed. We are committed in striving to produce the very best that we possibly can. We breed for Type, Temperament, and Health so we Produce puppies that fit into show, work, and family companion homes.

We live a very busy life on our small farm. We are always on the go with our work and farm schedules or just doing something and we love it that way, and our Rottweilers are a part of that every day. They love to tag along where ever we go and enjoy whatever we do, even if it is hauling horses to rodeo and just chilling at the trailer or traveling cross country in the semi.

Our current dogs and all to follow in our breeding program are either directly imported to the US or first generation bred in our kennel from within our own breeding program. Health is VERY important to us and as such we screen all of our dogs! If you are wanting a working partner, a show prospect or a new family companion or a foundation male or female to build upon, then you have come to the right place. This is what we breed for!