General Information
AKC RegistrationBreeder vs Puppy MillHealth CertificateTail Docking

Titanenheim Rottweilers only breeds to breed standards and we will require all AKC Fully Registered dogs that have Breeding Rights to follow these guidelines.
These guidelines are to protect our lines but more important to protect the breed.

1. All of our puppies will leave with Limited AKC Registration.
2. We will remove the Limited AKC registration and make it Full AKC Registration after all health testing has been completed on your puppy.
3. Titanenheim Rottweilers will have the final approval for all breeding of co-owned Dames.
4. All health testing will be at buyers expense.
5. Titanenheim Rottweilers will co-own ANY offspring sold with Full AKC Registration for the LIFETIME of the offspring.
6. Health testing will include but not limited to:

  1. Hips
  2. Elbows
  3. JLPP
  4. Heart
  5. Eyes

Ethical Rottweiler Breeders……
Here are a few key things to think about and consider when looking for an Ethical Rottweiler Breeder.
The Breeder does something with their dog. Weather it be a service animal, showing, working, obedience, herding, etc..
~ The Breeder should have just as many if not more questions for you as you have for them. They support their dogs, the dogs do not support the breeder.
~ The Breeder supplies references and Testimonials are available to see.
~ The Breeder has a sales contract that not only their interest as well as yours , but also the welfare of the Puppy and the Breed.
~ A good Breeder performs the proper Health Testing for their breed, shares them willingly and can prove their reasoning for Their dogs.
~ The Breeder breeds just one breed of dog.
~ The Breeder only breeds dogs that are mature. This being 24 months of age or older. And, their Dams are not bred every heat cycle. 
~ The Breeder retires their Dams around 5 to 6 years of age to allow them to live the remainder of their life as happy and healthy as possible as a family pet.

Honestly breeding dams on their second heat (which is usually 18 – 20 months of age) is not an ethical thing to do in our opinion. There is no way to know if your dog passes all of their Health Testing before 24 months of age, therefore a Breeder can not say if they are fully cleared and Healthy enough to breed and not ruin the standard of the dog breed.

What is a good Breeder?…
~ They will NOT just sell their puppies to anyone. They ask you questions and get to know you to see where their pup is going.
~ They will NOT send a puppy home before they are 8 weeks old.
~ They do NOT let you choose your puppy before they are at least 5 weeks of age without knowing the puppies personality or doing a temperament evaluation.
~ They will NOT quote you a puppy price over the phone, social media or via email.
~ They will ALWAYS use some form of a  puppy application. Yes it might seem like a hassle but, how serious are you to find the right puppy?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture REQUIRES that all canines traveling crossing state lines must obtain a health certificate before doing so. You can obtained a Health certificate from just about any veterinary office. This will be the BUYERS responsibility not the breeders. Titanenheim Rottweiler can obtain one for you before you pick up your puppy for the additional cost of the health certificate.

Arrangements must be made at least seven (7) days in advance.

We will not be docking our puppies tails as it does not meet the Standards that we are going for in our breeding program (per ADRK standards). We will be removing rear dew claws and leaving front dew claws (per ADRK standards).

Puppy Information
Registered NamePuppy CostDeposit PolicyPuppy ContractPuppy Pick Process

When it comes to naming our puppies, we follow the traditional German way where the first letter of the puppies name is the letter of the litter, then followed by our kennel name (vom Titanenheim). The name can be up to 36 characters long INCLUDING our Kennel name (vom Titanenheim). This is for their Official AKC Name. You may use a different call name for every day life if you choose.

Here at Titanenheim Rottweilers we work very hard to produce the best possible puppies that we can to please all of our clients. Unfortunately, we can not afford to just give our puppies away. We are NOT your $200 to $500 Rottweiler breeder. Be real, to produce quality it requires quite the investment and high quality Rottweiler puppies are no exception to that in any way.
Things to think about when it comes to our puppies prices there are several factors to look at, but are by no means limited to, the cost of the Dam, Sire, Stud fees, import costs, showing costs, training costs, and medical costs of all kinds. We require all of our Rottweiler in our breeding program to have a complete health check with certification for OFA. We may be a small kennel  but we still breed to the guidelines or ADRK and AKC standards. We do not breed any of our Dams before 24 months of age. They all must have a rating of Good or better on hips and elbows to be normal from OFA. All of this makes it possible for us to offer our 2 year health guarantee on our Rottweiler puppies that we sell. On top of that all or our Rottweiler puppies are up to date on their shots and have been chipped.
Our world known Rottweiler pedigrees speak for themselves and the quality of our Rottweilers provides all or our clients with the best possible, well rounded temperament Rottweiler puppy for their needs as possible. The average price for one of our puppies is between $2500 to $3500 depending on the clients requirements, the litter and the parents. This yet again determined based on the cost of the Rottweilers being bred: training, medical, import and other fees in the process to produce the best possible puppies that we possibly can.

Titanenheim Rottweiler will only reserve a rottweiler puppy with a minimum of at LEAST a $500.00 deposit.
Titanenheim Rottweiler does understand that things do come up in our lives that would prevent you from getting your new puppy. Unfortunately we do not hold deposits or any payments until your puppy goes home; we use these funds to take care of our kennel and our Rottweilers.
It is for this reason that any and all payments made to Titamenheim Rottweiler are NON REFUNDABLE; but can transfer to the next upcoming litter as long as you give notice before the puppy is due to go home (this may only occur one time). Your deposits may NOT be transferred to a puppy at a lower  price point unless that reserved puppy is unavailable. Deposits are valid for up to one year from the date of the original invoice. Deposits may transferred between litters at the breeders discretion in the event that the puppy of your sex is not available on the litter you reserved for.
Because of our ethical breeding practices to produce the best possible puppies that we can, most of our puppies are reserved before they are even born. To ensure you receive the puppy you want from our rottweiler reservations list, we encourage our $500.00 deposit to guarantee your place in line on our list.
We take our puppy reservation process very serious. Not following through with a deposit could cause the loss of other sales. you can only reserve a spot on our list with a deposit.
By submitting a deposit to be placed on our waiting list, you understand that you will be required to sign a puppy contract before receiving your puppy. Refusal to sign this contract for ANY reason, will result in a forfeiture for any and all payments made on your purchase including the puppy.

Everyone is required to sign a puppy contract before receiving their puppy.

In order to protect the our breeding program Titanenheim Rottweilers will have the final say in the pick of all puppies. But, we do everything in our power to make sure that you have input in choosing your new family member.
Titanenheim Rottweilers will discuss all the needs and wants of your family when it comes to your new puppy. We save everything from notes taken over the phone, text and emails. In the first 6 weeks of the puppies life we watch how each puppy interacts with the other dogs and humans. At 6 weeks of age we do temperament testing before making our “Puppy List“.
Our first and second pick puppies should have NO FAULTS. At this price point you are paying for the perfect puppy. It is our job to make sure that you get what you pay for and provide you with a puppy based on your needs. It would not be right for us to allow the First pick puppy buyer to choose a puppy based solely on the looks of the puppy in a picture. In this case Titanenheim Rottweiler would step in and have the final decision for the puppies you are allowed to pick from.
*** Disclaimer: Just like any other breeder, Titanenheim Rottweilers reserves the right to reserve one puppy of each sex from their litters known as the Breeders Reserve. As a client that is interested in Breeding or Showing, you are able to buy us out of this selection if we offer them for sale. As a Breeders Reserve, your puppy will be picked by the Breeder as the one puppy they would keep as a Potential Show / Breeding Prospect.

Health Testing
Elbow DysplasiaBreeder vs Puppy MillHip DysplasiaJuvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy

The Three Faces of Elbow Dysplasia
Elbow dysplasia is a general term used to identify an inherited polygenic disease in the elbow of dogs. Three specific etiologies make up this disease and they can occur independently or in conjunction with one another. These etiologies include:

  1. Pathology involving the medial coronoid of the ulna (FCP)
  2. Osteochondritis of the medial humeral condyle in the elbow joint (OCD)
  3. Ununited anconeal process (UAP)
    Studies have shown the inherited polygenic traits causing these etiologies are independent of one another. Clinical signs involve lameness which may remain subtle for long periods of time. No one can predict at what age lameness will occur in a dog due to a large number of genetic and environmental factors such as degree of severity of changes, rate of weight gain, amount of exercise, etc. Subtle changes in gait may be characterized by excessive inward deviation of the paw which raises the outside of the paw so that it receives less weight and distributes more mechanical weight on the outside (lateral) aspect of the elbow joint away from the lesions located on the inside of the joint. Range of motion in the elbow is also decreased.

For elbow evaluations, there are no grades for a radiographically normal elbow. The only grades involved are for abnormal elbows with radiographic changes associated with secondary degenerative joint disease. Like the hip certification, the OFA will not certify a normal elbow until the dog is 2 years of age. The OFA also accepts preliminary elbow radiographs. To date, there are no long term studies for preliminary elbow examinations like there are for hips, however, preliminary screening for elbows along with hips can also provide valuable information to the breeder.

  1. Grade I Elbow Dysplasia: Minimal bone change along anconeal process of ulna (less than 2mm).
  2. Grade II Elbow Dysplasia: Additional bone proliferation along anconeal process (2-5 mm) and subchondral bone changes (trochlear notch sclerosis).
  3. Grade III Elbow Dysplasia: Well developed degenerative joint disease with bone proliferation along anconeal process being greater than than 5 mm.
    OFA – Elbow Application
    To read more about Elbow Dysplasia CLICK HERE

The evaluation of hips done by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals falls into seven different categories: Excellent, Good, Fair (all within Normal limits), Borderline, and then Mild, Moderate, or Severe (the last three considered Dysplastic).
The hip grades of Excellent, Good and Fair are within normal limits and are given OFA numbers. This information is accepted by AKC on dogs with permanent identification (tattoo, microchip) and is in the public domain. Radiographs of Borderline, Mild, Moderate and Severely dysplastic hip grades are reviewed by the OFA radiologist and a radiographic report is generated documenting the abnormal radiographic findings.
OFA Hip Application
To read more about Hip Dysplasia CLICK HERE

The U.S. Department of Agriculture REQUIRES that all canines traveling crossing state lines must obtain a health certificate before doing so. You can obtained a Health certificate from just about any veterinary office. This will be the BUYERS responsibility not the breeders. Titanenheim Rottweiler can obtain one for you before you pick up your puppy for the additional cost of the health certificate.

Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy (JLPP) in the Rottweilers
Juvenile laryngeal paralysis and polyneuropathy (JLPP) is an autosomal recessive, hereditary disease that affects Rottweilers beginning typically around 3 months of age. Affected dogs have difficulty breathing when excited or exercised and may have a change in their bark. As the disease progresses, they develop weakness and loss of coordination in the hind limbs which will eventually progress to affect the front limbs as well. They may also have difficulties swallowing which can result in choking or pneumonia.
OFA Test Kits
To read more CLICK HERE

We will not be docking our puppies tails as it does not meet the Standards that we are going for in our breeding program (per ADRK standards). We will be removing rear dew claws and leaving front dew claws (per ADRK standards).